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“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. Matter is Spirit reduced to point of visibility. There is no matter.” – Author Unknown




Booking a Psychic and/or a Medium is only one tool of many, along your journey.


I work to represent truth, healing & clarity to the best of my abilities. I hope you gain the insight and peace of mind you are seeking today after our session together.


Oftentimes these readings can be experienced as healing or a release of some sort of blockage or multiple blockages.  Please ensure you are in a reasonably good place spiritually, emotionally and mentally before making an appointment as it may become too overwhelming if you are still experiencing a major life altering experience at this time.  Please do not be under the influence of any substances, alcohol, painkillers and such before your scheduled reading.


Most importantly, keep an open mind. Your tools only work if you put them in to action; One must be careful to not get hooked on these types of readings.  If you want to book another appointment, I recommend waiting 3 to 6 months, with myself at least.  All Psychics and Mediums are different.

Luckily I am doing most of the work! So all you have to do is sit back, relax but be receptive. You can think about what you want to ask or we can dive in to a general reading, it is as you wish — This is your time.






A psychic reading can be regarded as an appraisal of your day to day life, your past and potential future. Usually things I have no way of knowing; this is how I initially validate that I am indeed connecting with you, by ensuring that you are resonating with the information I am picking up on and it’s making sense to you.


The word Psychic is also derived of the Greek word for Soul — You can look at this as a soul to soul reading!


Anything can be requested as long as you are open to it — YOU are in control of the reading. This would be anything that doesn’t involve a departed loved one, that would be more of a “mediumship” reading but most of the time, the two overlap if it’s required (if it’s your soul’s need at the time of the reading).


You can choose to think about what you want to ask. You are more than welcome to book a private reading even if it’s just out of curiosity and you’re not quite sure what to ask — You will usually leave with something useful at the end! If you want to take it a step forward, you can ask yourself why you’re looking to get a private reading — sometimes that curiosity alone is enough to work off of. I am here to help but I can only guide you back to your own answers, because it’s all you, you are the one in charge.


The way I work usually involves pointing out some sort of recurring pattern in your life based on events I had no way of knowing prior to meeting you. If you are ready and willing to face yourself and the work ahead to change the things you want to change, the information that comes in is usually pretty practical and involves some real world advice or steps you can take to help you initiate the change you want to see.


If you simply want inspirational wisdom or a “pep talk”, your guides and mine can make that happen for you as well.


Typically I can see if there are any health issues hindering your chances, or if a partner is coming along in your future, hey maybe you will do it yourself and adopt. I can see potential timelines, and you would then need to focus on your life and where you need to be in order to make this happen for yourself.


If you are asking me this…you already know the answer. I recommend marriage counseling.


I will tell you right now I am not one of those psychics who says “YES” or “NO”. I simply can’t. People are variables and people have free will.


What we can do is look at what you have control over — Which is yourself.


We can look at your current situation, steps to take, things that must be in order first. If you are willing to take certain steps, it will lead to a certain outcome.


If I simply don’t see them in your future, I will advise honestly.


I also do not advise on “Twin Flames” or “Karmic” Relationships. I deal with what is given to me to look at and patterns your behavior may present.


Houses and car are fun for me because I have the references to understand what I am seeing, due to past work experience in offices that dealt with cars and construction. Typically I can scan and see issues such as mold, water damage, poor foundation, electrical, engine issues, a bad purchase and essentially anything that requires an inspection before purchase. I can recommend what should be looked at, but I am NOT a licensed inspector of any sorts. It is your choice whether to conduct an inspection or not before purchase. You can look at this as an intuitive consultation which is only an extra tool for your proper and formal inspection.


Absolutely. Dream Interpretation was actually the very first thing I developed as a teenager. I now use my refined psychic abilities to hone in on what the dream meant for you personally, in addition to Archetypal symbolism that’s universally agreed upon to recognize certain themes in your dream.


I can clear the emotional energy of small work offices (therapists of any kind are good examples) but I do not do houses. I do not conduct any paranormal work in general. This would simply be energy clearing; I am attuned to Reiki III for your reference in this area of my work.




This is my favorite question and kind of reading. As mediums, we can pick up on these subtleties — I can tell if they are expressing that they spoke another language or were multilingual when they were alive. If they didn’t speak English at all, I can still tell and they will still find a way to convey their message, because keep in mind…they are not communicating with their vocal cords, they are communicating through signs and symbolism they think the medium will understand.


One reason that this is my favorite kind of reading is because I have conducted readings in French in the past (Montréal represent!). Occasionally, they would like to express certain things to their loved one in their native language, which I will recognize and this is always heartwarming for the recipient and myself.


Yes they are available. Dr. Brian Weiss is an excellent source for the explanation of an “Oversoul”; as he puts it, we are a “shot glass” poured from an “Oversoul”. Based on this principle, I personally believe they are still available to communicate even if they reincarnate because energetically, this “life” is still available to be remembered by Spirit and they can convey and communicate what they need to with you.


Here’s the deal…they do not become exalted beings.


If they were difficult in life, they will express how they were. If they were an excellent communicator, they’ll most likely be able to express themselves clearly to me. If they were poor communicators or pretty quiet, it may be trickier to communicate. If they need to express an apology for how difficult they were while alive, they will let me know.


Sometimes, they may even feel the need to come through with another relative or even allow an “enabler” to open up the conversation with the recipient.


They don’t carry over any shame or guilt when they pass over — these are human feelings, but they do recognize that we are not always OK, and they will do their best to be seen and heard with some sort of validation or message to offer.


Keep in mind that whatever comes through, they are attempting to show me who they were…and tell me their story. It is essentially my duty to validate who they were to you and ensure that I express this to you to the best of my abilities.


If they were someone you still haven’t quite “processed” if you will, it’s also my duty to ensure that I do not pressure you in to speaking to them or force any apology upon you on their behalf. You can believe me when I say I understand this first hand…and I take this very seriously.


If there is someone you do not want to speak to, or you are not ready to speak to, we do not have to speak to them and we can see if anyone else would like to come forward.


This is where evidence and validation come in.


They will usually show me a funny memory if they want to convey their sense of humor, they may get straight to the point about matters in your current life that you may have wished you could ask them.


They can validate their presence through their preferred appearance that they want to be remembered by, their name, their relation to you.


What they enjoyed doing, how they passed, if they wish to discuss that.


Perhaps it could be details about a specific argument I had no way of knowing and they wish to let you know it’s absolutely OK and to stop beating yourself up over it.


There are many ways that they can validate who they were to you by impressing upon me a variety of signs, symbolism and memories for me to convey to you.


Keep in mind I will most definitely get some of it wrong, I may need your input from time to time to ensure I am still on course, but it should never be leading questions or letting you conduct the reading i.e. “Oh yes sure that IS your aunt Shelly”…Nope. It’s my job to sift through the information they are giving me to ensure you are understanding it and to clearly say yes or no if the minimal details you give me feel right or not.


Sometimes it might not click during our session. You may figure it out days or weeks later. In that case I will still do my best to deliver a clear and relevant message to your current situation or inquiry.